About Us

Shane and Ande Grant are the creators of Noela™ chocolate & confections. Together they share a passion for chocolate and creativity and uphold the highest standards of integrity to protect the human rights of all parties in the cocoa chain. They encompass the team that has created the Noela brand and product line. Customer satisfaction, local sourcing, and using the highest quality ingredients from around the world is and has always been a priority. All of our products are handcrafted in small batches from our factory located in Cape Coral, Florida. We use natural spices, juices and organic nuts as well as carefully selected fairtrade certified chocolate suppliers. Noela champions style, colors and creativity to provide our clients a unique gift giving experience. At Noela we put the Art in artisan chocolate™. The name Noela is a combined joining of their two sons names Noah and Elijah. Noela is a french word meaning Christmas. They could think of no other name than the two best gifts they have ever received to represent their business. Let us share the magic and taste of true Artisan Chocolate from Noela.